Video Advertising Services

Video advertising is a recent development in the field of advertising and marketing. It is the concept of advertising a product or service through videos. It refers to the promotional videos that play before, during, and after streaming content. Video advertising is an excellent way of reaching audiences. It is a great strategy to invest in. It refers to the video advertisements that are presented on online platforms. With the increasing dependence on video advertising, this is a perfect marketing strategy that every marketer can benefit from. It is a powerful and engaging medium of storytelling for users. They have a more promising success rate and thus will make for a good investment.

Medical Center / Video No.1

Medical Center / Video No.2

Amazon Dubai Services / Video in English

Medical Center / Department Video

Workshop / Services Video No.2

Amazon Dubai Services / Video in Farsi

Workshop / Services Video No.1

Square Video Advertising For Instagram, Facebook and other application.

Immigration /  Farsi Video No.1

Immigration /  English Video “New Year 2020”

Amazon / Farsi Video “New Year 2020”

Immigration /  Farsi Video No.2

Amazon / Farsi Video “New Year 2020”

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• Letter Heads
• Complimentary Slips
• Envelopes
• Bill Books & Invoice Books

• Shopping Bags
• Product Boxes
• Gift Boxes
• Strappers & Banders
• Other Packaging

• Invitation Cards
• Wedding Cards
• Announcement Cards
• Roll Up Banners
• Pop Up Banners

• Shopping Bags
• Gift Vouchers
• Danglers
• Place Cards
• Flyers

• Stickers
• Flyers
• CD Stickers
• CD Jackets
• Brochures

• Gift Vouchers
• Danglers and Place Cards
 Flyers and Notepads
• Calendars and  Display Stands
• Paper Cubes and
 Sign Boards

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